What's Your Greatest Security Concern?

Data protection, secure area access, staff and visitor monitoring and disaster recovery are a few of the challenges faced by large corporate environments such as legal firms, accountants, publishers and other office based professional associations.

OHM Security has an established background working with large professional organizations in providing reliable, effective security solutions tailored to meet individual site and organizational requirements.

Secure Area Access Control

Anywhere access to buildings, departments or storage areas is required or there is a need to limit or control, OHM can recommend and install a solution tailored to your specific needs. Biometric iris scanning or biometric fingerprint readers can easily add an extra layer of security, by ensuring it is definitely the right person entering your secure areas. Through our software solutions we can use partition features allowing individual departments to assign specific access rights for staff and visitors.

Property and asset protection

OHM Security can recommend and install systems that reduce the risk of theft by making sure non-authorized staff and visitors are unable to access key areas. In extreme circumstances where theft does occur, camera views can quickly be studied in real time or as part of an investigation.

Staff and Visitor identification management

Working with leading industry suppliers, OHM can enhance the safety of staff and authorized visitors with a tightly integrated access control and video solution. Any potential situation can be monitored and intervention dispatched before an incident occurs reducing the potential for injury or property damage.

Disaster recovery

OHM Security can address the issues of crime and violence with a comprehensive feature-set solution dedicated to the needs of the environment. Using cutting edge access control and video technology we can ensure the potential for crime and violence is monitored closely and in some cases pre-empt the act from actually taking place.

Our tightly integrated solutions enable security staff and other personnel to quickly view, acknowledge and respond as a result of an alarm being triggered, heightening security measures across single or multiple sites at the touch of a button.

A Truly Integrated Solution

OHM Security's expertise and partnerships with industry leading suppliers allows us to provide multiple platforms for access control, video management, biometrics, visitor management and a whole host of other security and building management functions.