Emergency Services

What's Your Greatest Security Concern?

Security for Emergency Services, including Ambulance, Police and Fire is a high priority. Personnel must be vigilant in identifying and reacting to any suspect behaviour. Combating such threats as pharmaceutical thefts, staff attacks and nuisance behavior is a priority. In today's uncertain world, more serious accidents and attacks are being reported making the emphasis on security greater than ever. 

Secure Area Access

Anywhere access to buildings or storage areas is required, OHM can recommend and install a solution tailored to your specific needs. Biometric iris scanning or biometric fingerprint readers can easily add an extra layer of security, by ensuring it is definitely the right person entering your secure areas.

Speed of Access to Secured Areas

OHM can design a security management solution that allows the level and variances of access control to be controlled by you. If codes and locks are time consuming, smart card technology offers a quick alternative, whereby the user simply swipes their card for access. Biometric iris scanning or biometric fingerprint readers can be used as an additional security measure.

Staff & Patient Safety

Working with leading industry suppliers, OHM can enhance the safety of staff and patients with a tightly integrated access control and video solution. Any potential situation can be monitored and intervention dispatched before an incident occurs reducing the potential for injury and property damage.

Theft Prevention

With prescription drugs and valuable medical equipment stored on site, the potential for theft is very real. OHM will help you design a security management system that reduces the risk by making sure non-authorized staff and visitors are unable to access secure areas. In the event that a theft does occur, camera views will allow surveillance evidence to be utilized as part of any investigation.


 OHM Security solutions address the issues of vandalism with a comprehensive vendor list with equipment specific to any application in any facility. Using cutting edge solutions such as video technology ensures vandalism is captured and in some acts as a deterrent to stop the crime from actually taking place.

A Truly Integrated Solution

OHM Security's expertise and partnerships with industry leading suppliers allows us to provide multiple platforms for access control, video management, biometrics, visitor management and a whole host of other security and building management functions.