What's Your Greatest Security Concern?

OHM Security has been providing tailored security solutions across a range of Government facilities for many years. Our range of flexible solutions can be fine tuned to protect and secure Government buildings.

Our security specialists recognize, through our field experience, the security concerns within the Public sector including terrorism, theft, and secure area access control and provide customized solutions to meet specific site requirements.

OHM can design a physical access control system (PACS) designed to provide powerful integrated access control and security management solutions for those users that need to comply with Federal or Provincial regulations.

Our expertise allows us to provide a comprehensive range of standard features, including alarm monitoring, visitor management, badging and graphical map interfaces, database partitioning for multi-tenant facilities, and more. There are additional options available that we can implement to meet special requirements such as Guard Tours and Building Control integration. Remote access is also available using thin client architecture providing flexibility, security, and scalability.

OHM Security's has a long track record with Public Works Canada, Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Ministry of the Attorney General and you can rest assured you are in the hands of field proven experts.

Visitor Monitoring

Visitor Management enables staff to enroll visitors, capture their photograph, issue an ID badge, assign to responsible employees and monitor their movements throughout the building. Quick transfer data rates ensure processing new visitors is exceptionally fast.

Protection of Staff & Property

Government personnel require varying levels of protection according to their working environment. OHM Security takes the safety of your staff as priority and as such employs tightly integrated access control and video solutions. Any potential situation can be monitored and intervention dispatched before an incident occurs reducing the potential for staff injury and property damage.

Theft Prevention

With protected documents, computers and valuable equipment stored on site, the potential for theft is very real. OHM will help you design a security management system that reduces the risk by making sure non-authorized staff and visitors are unable to access secure areas. In the event that a theft does occur, camera views will allow surveillance evidence to be utilized as part of any investigation.

Crime & Violence

OHM Security can address the issues of crime and violence with a comprehensive feature-set solution dedicated to the needs of the environment. Using cutting edge access control and video technology we can ensure crime and violence is monitored closely and in some cases pre-empt the act from actually taking place.

Secure Area Access Control

Anywhere access to buildings, departments or storage areas is required or needs to be limited or controlled, OHM can recommend and install a solution tailored to your specific needs. Biometric iris scanning or biometric fingerprint readers can easily add an extra layer of security, by ensuring it is definitely the right person entering your secure areas


With the current threat level at 'substantial', a tightly integrated security management solution from OHM with Alarm Management will enable security staff and other personnel to quickly view, acknowledge and respond as a result of an alarm being triggered.

OHM can help you choose a solution from simple access control systems, through to fully integrated security system that can control and monitor numerous remote sites and facilities. OHM security management solutions can be built to be fully scalable and can evolve as your requirements develop to be extended or upgraded in line with your needs with minimal disruption to daily life.

A Truly Integrated Solution

OHM Security's expertise and partnerships with industry leading suppliers allows us to provide multiple platforms for access control, video management, biometrics, visitor management and a whole host of other security and building management functions.