What’s Your Greatest Security Concern?

OHM Security has experience securing Healthcare sites such as Woods Park Specialty Care Centre, combating such threats as pharmaceutical thefts, staff attacks and nuisance behavior.

In today’s uncertain world, more serious accidents and attacks are being reported making the emphasis on security greater than ever. Serious incidents and attacks are taking place within Healthcare environments on a more frequent basis, leading to on-going vigorous work by administrators and officials to prevent further incidents and protect staff and hospital premises. Security for Hospitals and care Center’s including their Emergency Services is a high priority. Personnel must be vigilant in identifying and reacting to any suspect behavior.

Secure area access control

Anywhere controlled access to buildings or storage areas is required, OHM can recommend and install a solution tailored to your specific needs. Biometric iris scanning or biometric fingerprint readers can easily add an extra layer of security, by ensuring it is definitely the right person entering your secure areas. Using specifically tailored solutions, OHM Security can design different levels of access depending upon the time and date, user type, department and area use. The systems can be administered via an existing HR database and new users can be added in less than a minute. Where access to a particular building or department is limited or controlled, the system can use biometric fingerprint or iris readers which will add an extra layer of security.

Staff & Patient Safety

OHM Security understands that personnel require varying levels of protection according to their working environment. It is for this reason we treat the safety of your staff as priority and as such employ tightly integrated access control and video solutions. Any potential situation can be monitored and intervention dispatched before an incident occurs reducing the potential for staff injury and property damage.

Visitor & Contractor Monitoring

Healthcare facilities, by their very open and approachable nature, often have a weak perimeter, which requires strong and consistent management, administration and monitoring. OHM Security can help to design and implement a visitor management solution that enables staff to enroll visitors, capture their photograph, issue an ID badge, assign to responsible employees and monitor their movements throughout the site.

Protection of Facilities & Supplies

OHM Security can put systems in place that allow security staff and other personnel to quickly view, acknowledge and respond to alarms within a tightly integrated security system.

Crime & Violence

OHM can provide a solution to address the issues of crime and violence with a comprehensive feature-set dedicated to the needs of the campus environment. Using cutting edge video technology ensures violent behavior is captured and in some cases preempts the crime from actually taking place.

A Truly Integrated Solution

We recognize that as a respected healthcare provider you require an efficient supplier, with the expertise to help you to consider the long term costs of the system rather than just initial outlay in order to maximize your budget.